History & Archives

Past Chapter Presidents


Dr. Elizabeth Jean Cyrus Wilson
Stanlee P. Greene
C. Yvette Greene
Ronald Moore (1993-1995)
Richard Taylor (1995-1997)
Keith Adams (1997-2001)
Terry L. Woodard (2001-2005)
Yolanda R.  Owens (2005-2009)
Ranetta Goss (2009-2013)
Dominic R. Jefferson (2013-2017)

Kenneth Archer (2017-present)



Claudia Greene (2006)
Terry Woodard (2007)
Richard Taylor (2008)
Keith Adams (2009)

Stanlee P. Greene (2010) posthumously
Sharon Barnett Dorris (2013)
Ronald Moore (2014)
Stafinee Patterson  (2015)
Gilbert Patterson (2016)
​Dominic Jefferson (2017)
Willie and Tommie Farmer (2018)

James and Shelia Gardner (2019)

Alumnus of the Year (Local)


Ronald Moore 

Richard Taylor 

C.Yvette Greene
Robinette Rasberry
Keith Adams

Terry Woodard 

Yolanda Owens 
Ranetta Goss
Sharon Watts 
Dominic Jefferson 
​Kenneth Archer 
​Veronica Crawford 
Sylvester Taylor

Deborah C Taylor (2019)

JSU History


Founded as Natchez Seminary in 1877 by the American Baptist Home mission Society, the school was established as Natchez, Mississippi “for the moral, religious and intellectual improvement of Christian leaders of the colored people of Mississippi and the neighboring states.” In November 1882, the school was moved to Jackson; in March 1899, the curriculum was expanded and the name was changed to Jackson College.

JSUNAA Purpose


The purpose of this Association is (1) to formally associate the alumni of Jackson State University into a legally based organization; (2) to provide financial and moral support to the University through its membership; (3) to establish local chapters; (4) to elect regional vice presidents and other board members and executive officers; (5) to foster support for the University at the local, state, regional, and national levels; and (6) to regulate the activities of local chapters throughout the nation.

Chapter History


Established in 1965, the Metro Atlanta Chapter of Jackson State University's National Alumni Association exists to support the mission and vision of Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi. To that end, the chapter actively engages in student recruitment, alumni retention, community outreach and fundraising activities.

2018 Alumni Awards

2018 Metro Atlanta Chapter Alumnus of the Year


Sylvester Taylor was named 2018 Alumnus of the Year for the Metro Atlanta Chapter.  He received the award at the Annual Scholarship Jazz Brunch on June 2, 2018.   

About Sylvester:

 1984 Graduate with BS Degree Business Finance 

Life Member, JSUNAA 

Financial Secretary 

JSUMAC Audit Chair  

SWAC Alliance Representative 

SE Regional Board Member, JSUNAA  

Motto: "We must become the change we wish to see in the world" - Ghandi

2018 JSUNAA Alumnus of the Year


Metro Atlanta Chapter Member, Yolanda R. Owens has been named the 2018 Alumnus of the Year for the Jackson State University National Alumni Association, Inc.  She received the award during the association’s annual Fall Council Meeting on September 22, 2018 in Jackson, Mississippi.

Yolanda is the sixth member of the Metro Atlanta Chapter to  have received this prestigious award: Stanlee Greene (1986), Claudia M. Greene  (1991), Ronald Moore  (1993), Richard Taylor (1995), Terry L. Woodard (2005) & Yolanda R. Owens (2018).

Historians Needed

We are currently working to formally capture the rich history of the Metro Atlanta Chapter in its entirety. If you have any information from prior to the year 2000, please contact the Public Relations Committee to share your information.