About Us



The mission of Jackson State University National Alumni Association, Inc. is to participate as a partner with the University in supporting the University’s continued success through student recruitment, alumni retention and expansion, financial support, public relations and community outreach. 

The vision of JSUNAA is that all alumni will be   empowered to commit and connect to Jackson State University.



The purpose of this Association is (1) to formally associate the alumni of Jackson State University into a legally based organization; (2) to provide financial and moral support to the University through its membership; (3) to establish local chapters; (4) to elect regional vice presidents and other board members and executive officers; (5) to foster support for the University at the local, state, regional, and national levels; and (6) to regulate the activities of local chapters throughout the nation.



  • Access to education for all students
  • Collaborative efforts with the University to assist it in fulfilling its mission
  • Accessibility, mutual respect, complete honesty, integrity, and accountability in all we do
  • Diversity in people and thinking
  • An environment of open communication
  • Effective utilization of our time and resources
  • A philanthropic spirit
  • Self evaluation for continuous improvement
  • The Metro Atlanta Alumni Chapter, as an affiliate of the Jackson State University National Alumni Association Incorporated, accepts and endorses the mission and vision of the National Association in addition to perpetuating memories of the university life.