Kenneth Archer, '85

Greetings Fellow JSU Alums and Supporters of JSU!

It has been just over one year since I officially became our Metro Atlanta Chapter President. During this time, we have had some challenges and we have had some successes. I want to take this time to thank every member, officer and standing chair for your contributions to the chapter during the first year of the 2017-2019 term. We have successfully executed the programs on the chapter's approved calendar thus far, and that speaks loudly to your untiring commitment to the goals and objectives of this organization. Through your efforts we will continue to uphold our reputation as the "premier chapter" of the National Alumni Association. 

I am pleased with the fact that we now have a complete Board with the special election during our July 2017 meeting. Welcome to Dr. Renee Slaughter, Secretary and Gerius Patterson, 2nd Vice President. We are ready to work for JSU. In a team effort with the Executive Board and Committee Chairs, and the general body membership, it is anticipated that we will be able to continue meeting the mission of the National Alumni Association. We will do this by recognizing the contributions that JSU Alums are making in addressing the University's effort in recruitment, identifying opportunities for leadership and career advancement for JSU Alums across the Metro Atlanta area, to include assessment of current open communication channels, social events, and mentoring opportunities. We have demonstrated ll of these, by conducting a very successful fundraising event combined with a membership cigar mixer, strengthened our connection with our SWAC and HBCU Alliances, and we conducted a very successful bus trip to High School Day.

We have some very exciting events coming your way and I encourage each one of you to stay connected, get involved and help us as we continue to work hard for Jackson State University. We are not just conducting business as usual. We are implementing new initiatives and activities.  I have initiated a Metro Atlanta Day of Worship.  We can raise money together, we can party together, and we can also travel to games together, so why can't we worship together? Or first Day of Worship was October 8, 2017 at Cascade United Methodist Church. The Senior Pastor is Rev. Dr. Kevin Murriel, who is a 2008 graduate of THEE Jackson State University. We met as a group with reserved seating. Please join us for the next Day of Worship, we will be sowing  seed into the ministry, so we are asking each person to bring a donation so that we can present a collective monetary gift from THEE JSU MAC Family. We know of at least three other Alums who are in the ministry and we will be visiting them as well. If you would like us to visit your church, please let us know and we wil work to visit your church as well. 

With Tiger Love,

Kenneth Archer, President 

JSUNAA Metro Atlanta Chapter

President Ken Archer with JSU First Lady Deborah Bynum

President Ken Archer with JSU First Lady Deborah Bynum